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Scholarships at NIS


Making an International School Education a Reality

Educating your child at a fully accredited IB International School like NIS can be an expensive endeavor. Although a non-profit entity, NIS is still dependent on tuition and fees for its revenue, and the recruitment of quality teachers and the maintenance of top-class facilities comes at a cost.

But the price tag of an NIS education doesn’t mean that quality learning is out of reach for your child.

As an inclusive community school, NIS strives to make an NIS education possible for a diverse range of families, and with the right information and planning, you may discover there are options available to make your child’s future at NIS a reality.

Read below for general information about scholarship options at NIS. Applicants are expected to be familiar with the different criteria for scholarships and application processes. Contact the Admissions and Development Office ( if you have any questions.


What Scholarships are Available?

There are three possible scholarships opportunities available:


How are Scholarships Funded?

Funds come from two sources: the annual operating budget and donations. At NIS, tuition and fees finance roughly 97% of the budget, with the remaining 3% funded through grants and contributions from individuals and corporations to the school’s annual fundraising efforts, the “Annual Giving Fund.” NIS is grateful to the entire community for supporting our scholarship program and for making an NIS education accessible to a wider range of families.


Is Our Family Eligible?


How are Scholarships Allocated?


Important Considerations


Administration of the Program

The school’s policies on scholarships are determined by the NIS Board of Directors and are administered by a Scholarship Committee convened by the board.

Processing scholarship applications and managing the program’s records and communications are responsibilities of the Scholarship Office under the direction of the Head of School. The Scholarship Office will confidentially share applicant information with the Admissions & Development Office (and vice versa) in order to support the smooth transition of students and families into the NIS community.


Ready to Apply for Scholarships?

Follow the links below to learn more about the different scholarship application processes and the online applications.



For questions about Admissions and general information about possible options for funding an NIS education, contact the NIS Admissions & Development Office .

For questions about Scholarships, contact the Scholarship Office at


NIS Scholarship Application Process

Details about the Application Process for both new and current families :

Scholarship Application

After reading about the specific criteria and details about the application process, start the application process by submitting the appropriate application: