Admissions Information

Do You Want a Parent Connection?

You may have some questions or concerns that can be specific with your culture or background. You may want to ask questions in your own language. You may want to get to know somebody who can have a conversation with you as a parent.

Our Transition Partners can help you!

NIS is fortunate to have a diverse team of volunteer parents to support families who are considering NIS and have questions. The Transition team is one of the three parent volunteer teams, aiming to help integrate and involve our parents within our school community. Transition parents are connected to a family with similar backgrounds or experiences (i.e. language, age/grade, company, etc.) and offer support or answers to questions as a fellow parent.

If you would like to be "matched-up" with our Transition Partner, please go HERE, and for more information about our Parent Partner program, go HERE.

Transition Match-up Request

Bus Capacity for 2020-21

As of now, most buses have seats available, some more limited than others, with the exception of bus #5 and #9. We still anticipate that bus #5 and #9 will remain full, so all incoming families are encouraged to find housing options on different bus lines, if possible. Please note that NIS does not publicize the bus stops or bus times online in an open webpage. You can inquire about bus availability as part of the admissions process if you are interested in learning more about the NIS bus service.

2020-21 Admissions Updates

Due to the COVID-19 campus closure over the past few months, the school offices have been extremely backed up with the re-enrollment process for current families, as well as the admissions process for new families, and we apologize for the time-lag! We have finally been able to process applications for families coming in to NIS next school year who have completed the admissions process. Our hope is to have everyone processed within the next week, as much as we can do without access to onsite testing or interviews. However, there are still a number of families who have not submitted all documents, so we urge you to check with us if you have any outstanding items. If you are interested in talking more "in-person" about any questions or concerns that you may have, the Admissions Office is open we are happy to talk at any time! Please contact the Admissions Office .