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Greetings from the Admissions & Development Office


Thank you for your interest in Nagoya International School.  I hope you enjoy going through the pages of this website to learn more about our school and find answers to any questions specific to you and your family.

Everyone here at NIS takes great pride in providing an environment that nurtures the skills needed to think critically and foster a joy of lifelong learning.  Our expectations as a school are high, and our dedication as a community is reflected in the level of support provided for our students in the classroom.  I hope you and your family will be able to join our community and add to the diversity of experiences that make our school special.

The pages within this section explain our admissions process, the costs for educating your child at NIS, and other admissions-related matters.  The answers to most of the questions that parents have regarding the admissions process can be found here. Additionally, if you are interested in receiving our admissions informational packet in the postal mail, or wish to schedule a tour to visit the campus and see classrooms, please go directly to our online Admissions Portal. There, you are also able to actually apply for admissions by submitting an online application. Please note that while we do still accept paper applications, the online application system is the preferred system

The admissions process is managed by our office, the Admissions and Development Office, with close collaboration with the Whole School Principals, Associate Principals, and the Student Services Department. Due to the fact that students attending NIS come from a wide variety of backgrounds and enroll at many times throughout the school-year, and especially because some classes are currently full, I strongly suggest that you contact our office directly as soon as possible regarding the timing of your child's enrollment and class availability.

Once again, thank you for your interest in our school and I look forward to meeting you and your family.


Erik Olson-Kikuchi, Director of Admissions & Development


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