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Inquire, Inspire, Impact

In order to make the mission and objectives come alive in the classroom, with the help of our community, the mission and objectives have been distilled into three words - which, together, form a blueprint for the ever richer and deeper attainment of the mission for all NIS learners:



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We know learners will not understand their world without engaging with that world in a spirit of inquiry and wonder. We don’t want students to answer the question - we want them to question the answer - so that their passions are ignited and curiosity activated - so leading them forwards to deeper, richer learning.


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We know that once students get excited by their learning they start to connect with what they are learning on a personal level and become inspired. Inspired by the potential of what they are learning - and the potential this has for them and for the communities of which they are a part. It is the inspiration that gives lasting meaning to the learning and embeds that learning going forward.



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Ultimately we know that inspiration leads to a desire to ‘do something’ with what we have learned and have impact. Our hope for all students is that they will leave NIS with confidence and purpose, ready to have impact on the world they will inherit. However, we also know impact can be small in scale - from having an impact on your classroom, your friends or your family. NIS students are living the NIS mission when they take learning from the classroom and use it to take principled action to impact those around them. This is truly the meaning of being an NIS learner.




Nagoya International School - Inquire, Inspire, Impact


Watch how we Inquire, Inspire, and Impact!

Watch how we Inquire, Inspire, and Impact!