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Our Guiding Statements

At NIS, we have agreed on a set of guiding statements which anchor us in our decision making to ensure we remain true to the guiding principles of our school community and the needs of the families we serve.

The guiding statements include not only our School Mission - the document which sets out the offer we make to parents and students - but just as important, our Definition of Learning, our Belief about Language, our commitment to International Mindedness, Student Well-Being and our commitment to ‘who we serve’.

To ensure for ongoing and sustained school improvement in service of these guiding statements, we create annually our ‘School Development Plan’, a blue print for the next steps in our journey to deliver the mission deeper and better for all students, every day.

The guiding statements, collectively, are a living document. While they represent stability, an anchor which holds us steady in service of our community, they must also remain relevant and responsive to the needs of our NIS families here today. For that reason the guiding statements are subject to annual review and affirmation at the board level, and input into the statements sought and welcomed throughout the year. Periodically the school will engage in a broader community-wide review of the guiding statements which will typically be a multi-month process involving all stakeholders. This most recent community review of all of our guiding statements occurred in 2022. 

I encourage you to read through these pages (or below) to learn more about what makes NIS a wonderful community where our students can inquire, inspire and impact every day!


Matthew Parr, Head of School


Our Guiding Statements