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Adventure and Learning

Extended Learning Trips are an important part of the NIS curriculum, enabling students to take their learning outside of the walls of school and into the world. The trips are built as an extension of the curriculum or as a way for students to delve into an experience in a given subject that demonstrates real world application. The bonus is that students have the opportunity to reinforce friendships and provide lasting memories for the students as they wind up their school year. Take a look at the great experiences our Secondary students have been experiencing through the week:

  • Gr. 6 students headed to Nanbo Kokusai Mura (Nanbo Discovery Camp) in Chiba Prefecture, outside of Tokyo, where it was all about health and physical education. They enjoyed hiking, biking, field games and exploring at a local beach during the day, while bonding over evening activities like campfires and crafts. 
  • Gr. 7 students set off for adventures in the mountains of Nagano Prefecture, where they learned about the thinking and actions that led to Norikura Kogen becoming a leader in the sustainable community movement in Japan. At the end of March 2021, Norikura Kogen became the first designated Zero-Carbon Park in Japan and students had the chance to experience what that means while enjoying the beautiful nature of the Japanese Alps.
  • Gr. 8 students had the chance to extend their learning about the effects and impact of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki as part of their English and Individuals & Societies coursework. They also looked at Nagasaki’s post-war transformation into an exciting modern city, and its centuries-old engagement in international trade. Photographs and artifacts tell powerful stories of turning points in human history. The Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum saw many of our Grade8 students pause in thought about the consequences of war. But Nagasaki is much more - a vibrant, friendly city.
  • Gr. 9 students bullet trained to Tokyo to inquire into effective urban planning. “How is Tokyo designed compared to Nagoya? What could we learn from the structures and networks in Tokyo? How could the area around the school be redesigned to improve the quality of life for those that live and learn here?” With those questions in mind, they combed the city, visiting parks, building complexes, and busy intersections, among others, along the way, all to consider how to improve and design cities in a way that enhances access and living conditions for all. To extend the challenge, they returned to school to put their experience to the test by selecting and creating models for a newly redesigned area around NIS.
  • Gr. 10 also traveled to Tokyo for their Extended Learning Trip this year. The trip focused on the arts and students were grouped according to their arts elective this year - music, drama, or visual arts. From there they participated in activities that complement what they have been learning in the classroom this year. Gr. 10 music students tried out percussion instruments from around the world at the Miyamoto-Unosuke Drum Museum. Taiko performer Shunichiro Kamiya led the students in an incredible two-day workshop, encouraging them to give their all in whatever it is they are passionate about. They also explored the musical instrument stores of Ochanomizu in Tokyo on a scavenger hunt. 
  • Gr. 11 students visited Universal Studios Japan and the Kaiyukan Aquarium in Osaka. But don’t be fooled…it was way more than just roller coasters and popcorn! This trip helped fulfill the requirements of the IB Diploma's Collaborative Science Project. Students worked together across various disciplines, including physics, chemistry, biology, and environmental systems and societies, to conduct research and collect data at different locations. 

In all, despite how quiet the halls of NIS this week, we were thrilled that so many students participated in these vital Extended Learning Trips to connect what they are learning at NIS with vast opportunities outside of the classroom. We will be happy to welcome all the Secondary students back and can’t wait to hear about their adventures!