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Time Capsule Opening

In a quiet corner of the NIS campus sits a nondescript concrete slab. Some might even mistake it for a bench. But in fact, it holds the treasures that preserve the stories, faces, and achievements of our school community throughout the years. This year, a group of Gr. 12 students unearthed the time capsule that they placed in the crypt all those years ago and took it to the Gr. 3 classrooms to reveal and share with the Gr. 3 students the pieces of history that they placed in their time capsule when they were in Gr. 3. Smiles, laughter, memories, and questions were in no short supply! It was a great way for the two classes to connect, reflect and learn together as the Gr. 3s contemplate what they will now place into their own time capsules! What will life be like in 2033 and how will their memories of 2024 be reflected? Only time will tell!