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Graduates "Walk of Pride"

It was a thrill to welcome our Gr. 12 friends back to campus as they prepared for their final moments as NIS students before transitioning to alumni! The first order of business was our traditional “Walk of Pride" parade of celebration. They walked around the school to accept the good wishes of the entire school community that were lined up in every corner of the campus to cheer them on. They then stopped in for the whole school photo on the bus stairs before scooting off to the serious business of practicing for the big event…graduation day! This day is, as every year, a bittersweet reminder of how fleeting the moments are between this moment and that first day back in August as they embarked on their last year as an NIS Dolphin. More than anything, it is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate all the Gr. 12 students’ accomplishments and a last send-off to their bright futures!