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PYP Culmination

For our Gr. 5 students, the culmination of their Primary years is represented by the PYP Exhibition and the opportunity for them to shine as they display their projects and the processes that got them to the finish line. 

It all started early in Quarter 3 as students began to identify their interests and then try to connect an issue to the things they were passionate about. They then started doing research about these issues and thinking about how they could convey it all visually, while continually reflecting on their process and refining. That is… until we got to TODAY! 

This evening is the celebration event with family, but all day they’ve had many opportunities to discuss their projects with fellow NIS students and teachers during the day. Now the Gr. 5s are looking forward to welcoming their parents as the culmination of their activities. 

This year, the students are guiding people through a variety of 'zones'. First, students will guide viewers to the INSPIRE ZONE to see how the Gr.5 students connected their inquiries with specialist subjects. After that, they are on to the INQUIRE ZONE where people can get to see the PYPx process explained through fun and engaging activities for everyone to enjoy. Finally everyone is invited to the IMPACT ZONE where students share their actions and their experiences with all their guests. 

Congratulations to all the Gr. 5 students on their achievement and hitting an IB milestone - successful completion of your PYP requirements and transition into the next phase of your IB adventure!