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Gr. 5 Clay Artifacts

As Gr. 5 students built the roots to develop three-dimensional work, they transitioned to the unit of inquiry - How The World Works - where they unpacked the concepts of causation and form in connection to change. This was built through a transdisciplinary lens from homeroom explorations about matter. Here in the studio, they are aiming to understand how media is like matter and how its form changes as it interacts with other elements in the environment.

Students are understanding the way clay changes, the way they can change its form through balanced acts in the addition of force, water, and fire. Students are creating an artifact to show human connection through the IB Learner Profile. Our intentions are to use these artifacts as ways to bring awareness into current global issues where the lack of human connection results in injustice, intolerance, and inequality.

Here at NIS, we hope to inspire, inquiry and impact through artistic creations.

Their sculptures will be exhibited in the Arts Night on December 8. Each piece will have an artist's statement to show the thinking process of the students in connection to their development as diverse artists.