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ELC Showcase!

It was a Taiko performance! It was a dance party! It sometimes even resembled a nightclub! But what it really was about was celebrating the end of year in the ELC with a showcase of all the growth and learning that happened in this last school year…and that was A LOT! However, the highlight of the showcase was honoring the Kindergartners as they say goodbye to their ELC years and move on up to the big, wild world of Gr. 1. Together with their families in the audience, each student was announced and took their bows to immense applause and happy tears. The finale held a special surprise for the students when suddenly a band of family members playing guitars and ukeleles appeared to accompany them on their last song, “It’s a Beautiful Day.” With older brothers, sisters, and dads strumming along, it was indeed a beautiful day to celebrate all the achievements that abounded in the ELC this past year! Congrats to all the Kindergartners and their families…you did it!