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ELC Community Tea

And what a great line-up! Workshops included Mr. B, who shared practical strategies for how to support English Language Learners.  He had an interactive role-play activity where parents practiced reading a children's storybook while using questioning to foster language development. Mr. Peterson discussed ages and stages for 3-6-year-olds and what to expect developmentally while giving tips to support young children through these changes. Nurse Yuri and Ms. Maria had a bilingual presentation on sexual identity and development in young children, where parents were able to ask questions in a safe and supportive environment. Mr. Jonathan had an impactful workshop on emotion coaching. He explained four simple steps to help children identify and process their feelings when they have big, challenging emotions. Mr. Peter had a workshop for PYP in the ELC about what inquiry learning looks like with our youngest learners. 

They ended the morning with "community beading."  Ms. Meghan discussed the importance of nurturing a community that is safe, welcoming, and supportive. During this time parents expressed their creativity by beading a bracelet they took home as a gift. This activity provided genuine communication and community building through art.

Families who could not attend will find the resources on a bulletin board in the ELC and a post on Toddle, so keep an eye out!

It was a wonderful morning and the ELC team felt very grateful to work in partnership with parents! They look forward to continuing these opportunities to inquire into the parents’ specific needs and questions during the next school year!