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HS Boys Baseball Tournament

Over the past several weeks, the HS Boys Baseball team has worked tirelessly to improve, both on and off the field. We completed the 2023 season last weekend by hosting the end-of-season tournament and finishing in third place against stout opponents! Throughout the tournament, we faced several challenging moments and some tough losses, but our team showed heart and perseverance and gained valuable experience to grow stronger as we look forward to next season.

But most importantly, we've seen what can happen when a team supports each other and leaves everything they have on the field. We've seen how we can achieve amazing things when we come together and work towards a common goal. And we've seen how, even when facing challenging odds, we can push through and emerge victorious.

I want to thank Coach Masato, Coach Dixon, and every member of the NIS 2023 Baseball team for their hard work and dedication. Whether on the field, in the dugout, or cheering us on from the stands, your support and enthusiasm made this a memorable end to the 2023 season.

Coach Bassett