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Kidzuna Visitors

The Kidzuna Ambassadors welcomed two representatives - Kate and Robin - from “Atlantic Pacific- Lifeboats Where There Are None”, an organization that has been doing fantastic work in Kamaishi, Tohoku, a city devastated by the Great Japan East Earthquake and Tsunami. Gr. 10 students Maya and Mio, who participated in the Atlantic Pacific Global Leadership Summit in Kamaishi last August, talked about their experiences as they introduced our visitors to the Gr. 9 and 10 students. Robin talked passionately about how the project to bring one 'lifeboat in a box' to Kamaishi has grown to a much bigger initiative involving ocean safety, post-disaster community building, ocean ecology and the exciting “Precious Plastics Project” which involves collecting discarded plastic from the ocean and recycling it to make new lifeboats. 

Kate and Robin then met the Kidzuna Ambassadors leadership team to plan future collaborations before making classroom visits. They finished up with a drop in to Gr. 5 to help kick-start thinking for their PYPx projects. Kate and Robin were blown away by the amazing questions the students asked. Gr. 5 student Benny summed it up: “I like it that they helped people in such a cool and creative way!”