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NO CAMPUS ACCESS for ELC through Gr. 10 on Feb. 10


  • ELCから10年生までの複数の学年において、複数の新型コロナウイルスの陽性判定及び濃厚接触者の事例が発生いたしました。
  • 従いまして、明日は、ELCから10年生まではオンライン授業に移行いたします。ELCから10年生までの全生徒はキャンパスに立ち入ることができません。
  • 11年生及び12年生につきましては、通常通りキャンパスにて授業を行います。

We apologize, but this mail is in English only. The important points are:

  • There have been multiple COVID cases and multiple close contacts, including symptomatic close contacts in multiple grades from ELC to Gr. 10.
  • All students of those grades (ELC-Gr. 10) will be shifted to Online Learning from tomorrow; all students in ELC through Gr. 10 must stay off campus.
  • Gr. 11 and 12 will have school as normal, on campus.
  • In the secondary school (Gr. 6-10), the learning will follow the regular daily schedule (starting with period 1 at the normal time of 8:20) and students will be able to access it via Google classroom.
  • In the Primary school (ELC-Gr. 5) the teachers will inform you of the schedule for the day by 8:15 am.
  • We plan to resume classes on campus on Feb. 16 (Wed). However, we will monitor the situation carefully over the next few days and send an update to families on either Feb. 14 or Feb. 15.
  • We ask ALL NIS community members to use the next six days to stop the spread of COVID in our community. Please stay safe, isolate from other families as much as possible, and avoid all unnecessary risks.   
  • Please read the full message below.


Dear Parents,

I am sorry to report that having assessed the current situation in school today, we feel it is the safest and most responsible decision, in accordance with public health guidelines, to move all of our students in the ELC Preschool through Gr. 10 to Online Learning.

This means that the only students who will study on campus tomorrow will be the Gr. 11 and 12 students.

We hope and expect to return to campus on Wednesday, Feb. 16, and will confirm this as soon as possible next week.

This decision is taken in response to multiple cases across the school community. Today we have eight confirmed cases ranging across students and staff in ELC, Gr. 3, Gr. 5, Gr. 7 and Gr. 8, and multiple close contacts including at least one symptomatic close contact up to Gr.10. At the current time the risk in Gr.11 and 12 is limited so we are confident that these classes can continue on campus tomorrow.

Teachers are now being informed of this news and are preparing for Online Learning tomorrow. Please note that:

  • In Secondary School, learning will run according to the regular daily schedule. Students should access google classroom for their period 1 class as normal at 8:20 am.
  • In Primary School, your child’s teacher will contact you with the plan for the day. You can expect this contact no later than 8:15 am.

Please be assured that serious complications from COVID-19 in children are extremely rare and that the Omicron variant prevalent in Japan has been shown to be less dangerous than Delta in both adults and children. Please take the time to discuss with your child any anxieties or concerns they may have and try to reassure them both of their own safety and of the safety of their family. Our teachers and counselor will be happy to help and support you as needed.

We strongly request every member of the NIS community to use these six days off campus as an opportunity to break the chain of infection. We request that you:

  • Continue with essential functions and purposes as needed (e.g. going to work, essential shopping, etc) with extreme care, avoiding risk of infection where possible
  • Monitor your child's health and the health of everyone in your family closely. Please contact should your household experience a confirmed or suspected case of COVID.
  • Avoid all non-essential contact with others. Please avoid any situation involving close contact, crowded spaces or poorly ventilated spaces. This means avoiding, as much as possible:
  • playdates and other student or multi-family gatherings
  • Indoor venues with high risks (eating in a restaurant, unless it is well ventilated and spacious, is a higher risk activity at the current time
  • Non-essential travel and trips


We understand that some children have important out of school events, lessons or commitments with clubs and organizations beyond NIS (e.g. ballet recitals, sports clubs, music lessons, etc.). We leave it to the discretion of each family to make a decision as to the risk of this event and whether or not your child will participate. We support the decisions you take.

We are sorry as we know this may impact your plans for the weekend. However, we do hope to resume on campus activities next week, and to stay ‘on campus’ as much as we can, and it is important that we use this six day break to ‘reset’ our collective health as a community.

We hope that you and your children can find other, COVID-safe ways to spend time together, playing games, reading, doing a jigsaw puzzle or lego creation, having a movie night, walking in the countryside; all these are safe and recommended!

When we return to school, please remember that the best way to keep NIS open is if everyone can:

  • Keep your child home if ANYONE in the house has any kind of cold or flu-like symptoms (Omicron often presents as a common cold)
  • Alert via email to as soon as you have a confirmed or suspected case of COVID, or in the case that a family member is designated as a close contact

Finally, all of us here at NIS understand the difficulties and anxieties that this situation may cause, especially at such short notice. We know that parents may need to adjust their plans for tomorrow to care for their children and we sincerely apologize for this disruption. We are grateful to our supportive parent community for helping us see through this sixth COVID wave together.

Thank you again for your support and, on behalf of all of us at NIS, I hope your child enjoys online learning tomorrow.

Matthew Parr
Head of School


We thank all our parents for your incredible support as together we chart a pathway through this sixth COVID wave. We are all looking forward to seeing this pandemic move into the background and the relative freedoms this will bring.
Until then, we are confident that, by working together, we will be able to keep the school going for our students, keep our community connected, and be able to continue to Inquire, Inspire, Impact - and Include. 
M. Parr, Head of School
Nagoya International School