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COVID Level 2 Updates (5.28)

Dear Parents,

As announced earlier this week on Monday, we are happy to be moving into our COVID Level 2 response on campus from today, Saturday. As promised, this communication will share a few more details about what will be different on campus immediately (this coming week) as we enter Level 2.
Masks for Students (from June 2)
(changes will start from June 1, Wednesday afternoon, 2:15 pm for official supervised clubs, e.g. Renato Sports)

- Mask wearing will be MANDATORY when indoors in almost all cases (exceptions below)

- Mask wearing will be OPTIONAL as follows:

  • When outside for all ELC children
  • During active physical activity in all PE classes (ELC-Gr. 10), under the direction of the teacher (indoors or outdoors)
  • When outside in active physical activity/sports ON THE SPORTS FIELD (only)
  • When seated in designated seating on the sports field, silent and physically distanced
  • Other safe circumstances for special events or occasions approved by an administrator

(Parents, please help us by ensuring your child has spare masks in case of loss.)

Campus Access for Parents and Caregivers
(from May 30, Monday)

There will be greater freedom for parents and caregivers to visit NIS without pre-registration as follows:

  • Between 8:05-8:20 (8:05-9:00 for ELC) provided parents/caregivers are outside and with your child
  • Between 15:30-16:30 only if parents are outside and with your child

Please note that accessible outside areas are the plaza area, the area under the Wing Building roof, the Charles Barton Garden, the ELC playground and the Elementary playground. Please avoid using the field. 

  • To visit campus, ALL parents/caregivers must first check-in at the Raymond Reception where parents will be asked to sign-in, take your temperature, sanitize your hands and collect a parent name-tag/lanyard.
  • Please do not visit unless you meet the requirements of the Campus Access Policy HERE
  • The current mask policy must be observed while on campus - i.e. masks are still required for parents.
  • No food/drink should be consumed (except tea/water for hydration) so that mask wearing can be observed.


Other Changes Behind the Scenes

While the above changes will be the most immediate and obvious, a few other subtle changes will also start next week:

  • The capacity of the MPH will be increased for low risk activities. It will no longer be necessary for guests or students to leave empty seats between seating.
  • Overnight trips and extended day trips are possible once again, subject to risk assessment. The Gr. 12 graduation trip to Osaka will be the first to go ahead. We look forward to the retreats and resumption of sports activities in the new 2022-23 school year!

Changes to be rolled out later in Level 2

We also hope to roll-out the below changes later in Level 2, when circumstances and national and/or local guidelines permit:

  • Quiet talking while eating
  • Relaxation of the campus access policy for students, most likely subject to a home lateral flow antigen test, particularly in the case of healthy students living in the same household as someone who has low-risk, expected non-COVID symptoms


More information on these will come out when we are able to roll-out these measures.

We thank you for your continued support in keeping our campus safe for everyone and look forward to seeing you even more on campus in the closing weeks of the year!



Matthew Parr, Head of School