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Our Staff

NIS recruits and retains staff who are inspired by the mission of our school to inspire and empower students to think creatively and critically, pursue lifelong learning, and contribute positively to the global community.

Our teaching staff is diverse and representative of nine different countries, and hold appropriate qualifications for teaching. NIS also runs an intern program in which children benefit from additional adults, working alongside teachers, in support of student learning.

Administration and Academic Staff for the 2022-23 school year are as follows:



  • M. Parr,  Head of School
  • H. Johnson,  Primary Principal
  • L. Nnadozie,  Secondary Principal
  • N. Tao,  Director of Business & Operations
  • E. Olson-Kikuchi,  Director of Admissions & Development


Primary School Staff

Early Learning Center (ELC)

  • G. Puffer,  Primary Learning Leader / ELC Preschool Teacher
  • Z. Tolkaciova,  ELC Kindergarten Teacher
  • M. Bassett,  ELC Preschool Teacher
  • L. Gabriel,  ELC Atelierista/Teaching Assistant
  • Y. Kamikokuryo,  ELC Teaching Assistant
  • Y. Watanabe,  ELC Teaching Assistant
  • M. Yagi,  ELC Teaching Assistant / Little Dolphins Program Leader

Elementary School

  • N. Radcliffe,  PYP Coordinator 
  • L. Fujitake,  Gr. 1 PYP Teacher
  • T. Hutton,  Gr. 1 PYP Teacher
  • F. Faiz,  PYP Assistant Teacher
  • C. Schnell,  Gr. 2 PYP Teacher
  • S. Gabi,  Primary Learning Leader / Gr. 2  PYP Teacher
  • C. Schreuder,  Gr. 3 PYP Teacher
  • A. Ghorai,  Gr. 3 PYP Teacher
  • A. Zimoglyad,  Gr. 4 PYP Teacher
  • E. Wilson,  Primary Learning Leader / Gr. 4 PYP Teacher
  • D. Graeber,  Primary Learning Leader / Gr. 5 PYP Teacher
  • M. Krabousanos,  Gr. 5 PYP Teacher
  • J. Ovenden,  Primary Learning Leader / PYP Art Teacher
  • W. Ueda,  PYP Music Teacher
  • D. Gomez,  PYP PE Teacher
  • S. Chabi,  PYP Assistant Teacher


Secondary School Staff

  • P. Goodman,  MYP Coordinator / MYP & DP Mathematics Teacher
  • I. Radcliffe,  DP Coordinator / MYP & DP Mathematics Teacher
  • J. Duffy,  Departmental Learning Leader for Arts / MYP Drama & DP Theater Teacher 
  • N. Gildart,  Departmental Learning Leader for Individuals & Societies / MYP Individuals & Societies & DP History Teacher
  • M. Hayashida,  Departmental Learning Leader for Japanese Language / Japanese Language Teacher / DP TOK Teacher / College and Career Guidance Counsellor
  • S. Rodgers,  Departmental Learning Leader for Science / MYP Science & DP Chemistry Teacher
  • R. Schnell,  Departmental Learning Leader for Co-Curricular / Department Learning Leader for Physical and Health Education / MYP PE Physical and Health Education Teacher 
  • N. Shah,  Departmental Learning Leader for English / MYP & DP English Teacher
  • A. Steinkamp,  Departmental Learning Leader for Mathematics / DP Physics & Mathematics Teacher
  • B. Bassett,  MYP Mathematics Teacher
  • P. Bathija,  DP Mathematics Teacher
  • L. Burns,  PYP & MYP Music Teacher
  • L. Case,  MYP Science & DP Biology Teacher
  • M. Chartier,  MYP Individuals & Societies & DP Economics Teacher
  • M. Ewing,  MYP Drama / Arts / Design Teacher
  • C. Hart,  MYP Science & Mathematics Teacher
  • K. Henry, MYP Design Teacher
  • G. Hsu,  MYP & DP Visual Arts Teacher
  • N. Maley,  MYP English & Individuals & Societies Teacher 
  • P. Moody,  College and Career Guidance Counsellor / DP Environmental Systems & Societies Teacher
  • M. Ogino,  MYP English, Individuals & Societies & DP English B Teacher
  • M. Olson- Kikuchi,  MYP Physical & Health Education Teacher
  • S. Prosek, MYP & DP English Teacher / DP TOK Teacher
  • A. Schultz,  Science and Design Technician Intern
  • C. Stewart-Gifford,  Well-being Teacher


Whole School Staff

  • S. Sabat,  Technology Coordinator
  • I. Haga,  Japanese Language Teacher
  • M. Iio,  Duty and School Support Assistant Teacher
  • P. Lalis,  PYP & MYP Physical and Health Education Teacher 
  • Y. Nakanishi,  Japanese Language Teacher
  • K. Nakata,  Japanese Language Teacher
  • N. Nagatani,  Mother Tongue Lead Teacher / Japanese Language Teacher
  • N. Mayer,  Librarian

Whole School Student Services

  • J. Ngugi,  Secondary Counselor
  • J. Laycock,  Primary Counselor
  • B. Saez,  Learning Support Primary Teacher
  • F. Saez,  Learning Support Secondary Teacher
  • E. Jones,  EAL Primary Teacher
  • N. Iida,  EAL Secondary Teacher / Japanese Teacher
  • Y. Suzuki,  Nurse
  • T. Bathija,  EAL/English Secondary Teacher