Head of School Weekly Notes

Dolphin Pathways

This week provided time to reflect on the many pathways our students take, and how the collaborative process to help our students choose those pathways is so important - and rewarding - as a community. The Gr. 10s spent time this week at two events considering which courses they should take next year, the first year of a two-year program of study for each of them. They were fortunate to have a chance to mix and mingle with the Gr. 11s for one class period and hear directly from them what they wished they would have known a year ago, or what they wished they would have considered when they were in Gr. 10! Then, last night they were able to come together with parents to learn more from teachers about course details and the implications of their choices for their future pathways after NIS. These are important discussions to be had with friends and family, and I am grateful for the community to support our students in considering their possible futures. 

One of the joys of being a part of the NIS community has always been that alumni and former students (and even staff!) continue to also help guide current students by keeping in touch and sharing stories of their many journeys when they come back to visit. COVID restrictions have been difficult for everyone, but this is also starting to feel 'back to normal' now finally, and we so appreciate it when they do come back (after school of course!). This week, two students from the Class of 2019 returned during a break from college to see the (new!?) East Building and sports field, and to also bump into any former teachers. The current Gr. 12 students were Gr. 8 students back when these two alumni were in Gr. 12, but they of course remembered each other from 'back in the day' and it was wonderful to see the connections rekindled between current and former students. It has been an important part of being a Dolphin!

Speaking of Dolphins and pathways, I hope you are able to enjoy reading our alumni updates found in our "Dolphin Tales" webpage. The most recent post features two alumni from the Class of 2011 who got married and are spending time traveling the world - and are now in country #37 in this trip! In fact, much like the discussions with the Gr. 10s this week, those two alumni encouraged current students to continue to take risks and to make sure they are doing what makes them happy - and to know that there "isn’t just one path to get to where you want to be".  

The most important thing in life perhaps may in fact be that you are aware of the path you are on, and to not be afraid to be flexible if needed to keep going! 

Have a wonderful weekend, and remember that next week is a shortened week. 

- M. Parr, Head of School