Head of School Weekly Notes

Amazing End to Quarter 3!

Quarter three concluded today with a crescendo of activity, the likes of which the school has not seen since the golden pre-covid days of early 2020. Within the past two weeks we’ve hosted a seven team soccer tournament, a 4th grade sleepover, a 1st grade movie night, a 3rd grade cultural celebration, a staff-student soccer match, a Grade 11 College Night, International Women’s Day, Women in Science Week and much, much more. 

Then, last night, we hosted our first middle school musical in three years – the curious political comedy, ‘Urinetown’, a satire exploring themes of power, corruption, capitalism, freedom, love, hope and the Malthusian model! That our middle schoolers were able to challenge themselves with such sophisticated material – and have so much fun doing so - was an inspiration to watch – but even more so knowing that the whole show was directed by two of our High School students, had costumes and sets designed by students and accompanied by a pit band of students (with a bit of help from Lisa our music teacher!). Congratulations to cast and crew for blessing our stage with the first ever musical to be performed in our new MPH stage! I’m looking forward to next year already!
I hope that all our students enjoy a wonderful week in the spring sunshine next week and that you get to enjoy making memories as a family together with the soon-to-bloom cherry blossoms. We look forward to welcoming everyone back for a final quarter of learning and community on March 27! Don’t forget also that here in Aichi, schools are able to go mask-optional soon...and that on March 31 we invite your child to make their own personal choice regarding whether or not to wear a mask in all school activities – whether indoors, outdoors or on the bus. We hope each community member will make their own choice, and we know that we will all respect and honor the choices each child makes. Of course, staff and parents are also free to make their own choices about whether or not to mask up from March 31.
Have a wonderful spring break with your children and stay safe!

- M. Parr, Head of School