Nagoya International School

Head of School Weekly Notes

Time for Collaboration and Professional Support

Did you ever wonder what NIS teachers do on Wednesday afternoons when the students leave early? The answer is A LOT of really good and exciting collaborative work to make the learning deeper and better for students! One of the difficulties of the school environment is that it is impossible to get large (or even sometimes small) teams of teachers together to talk during the day since – understandably – staff are expected to be supporting and engaging with students during the day. Therefore, having a solid chunk of collaborative time on a Wednesday afternoon is a tremendous support for us to be able to do the planning necessary to deliver the very best learning possible to your children.

This Wednesday was no exception. Two exciting initiatives were underway. In the secondary school the teams were planning for “MYP Project Days”. This event is scheduled for early November and will involve the MYP students in collaborative initiatives for learning, action and impact. For this project, the United Nations SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) will be the catalyst and driver through which student interests and passions for impact on their local communities will take flight. In the Primary school, our teachers were discussing the next steps with ‘talk partners’  –  a simple concept, yet in the hands of a skillful teacher, ‘student talk’ in the classroom can be one of the most powerful tools used to promote learning. By using talk partners effectively teachers can maximize engagement, support cognition, democratize classrooms as inclusive spaces and build social skills and dispositions all at once!

We hope that families and students are able to enjoy the ‘shortened’ school days on Wednesday that allow for interests and connections outside of school, and we thank you for your support of the professional practice that goes on at NIS not only each Wednesday, but also this coming Monday.  

- M. Parr, Head of School