Nagoya International School

Head of School Weekly Notes

Endings Mean New Beginnings

No matter how many years I’ve been an international educator, this day - the last day of school, with all of the thoughts and emotions of wrapping up a full year and all that it contains -  is something that I never get used to. It is never easy to say goodbye, but for many of our students and staff, saying goodbye for the last time today is especially hard. The previous two school years have been quite remarkable, and surely when we look back on all that we have collectively achieved as a community it will be with a mix of accomplishment, pride, maybe a little confusion, and perhaps even some grief. I am thankful that, during the last couple of weeks, we’ve had a contemplative space in the Kawanabe Room where our community could gather, reflect and write their parting sentiments at the end of this incredible year. Lots of art crept into the mix of messages until nearly all the white space had been consumed! It was a fitting way and space to contemplate just what saying goodbye during this time in NIS history means. I wish to give special thanks to Ms. Pearlz and several other staff and student volunteers for their vision and work to create this important space to express ourselves.

Having just waved goodbye to students for one last time this school year, I am reminded that endings also make way for new beginnings. All those who pass through these doors make a mark on this wonderful place in Nakashidami. We are invigorated and excited by the years ahead, confident in the strength of our NIS community and the passion of our mission to Inquire, Inspire, Impact - and, of course, include. 

Whether your family will return to NIS in August or if you are on to new adventures, I want to thank each of you for all you have given to our community and for being a part of the NIS family. We wish you all a safe and healthy summer full of fun - everything a summer break should be!


M. Parr, Head of School