Head of School Weekly Notes

Celebrations in our Community (and Welcome New Principal!)

If you were fortunate to have been able to come into the front entrance area this week you could not have missed the colorful Lunar New Year decorations that were put up on display by a group of parents to celebrate together with everyone in our community. We are so proud of the many nationalities, languages, cultures and beliefs that make up our school community and this is such a wonderful way to share with everyone - and it was especially nice to see the multinational group of parents coming together to create the space! 

Inspired by conversations with parents, staff and students, we have been wondering how we can best honor, celebrate and learn from the diversity of our community through the displays in the entrance to the school as well as other physical symbols that represent our diversity to be found around campus. So the timing for this display was very appreciated!

To move forward, we are creating a focus group of interested students, staff and parents who share a desire to help.  An email with a link to a form to join this group was sent out to everyone earlier today, and I hope you can either join or share your thoughts if you have an opinion to share. The group would probably only need to meet for a few times at most, and we hope to share notes on any plans that are developed with the community as soon as possible.

On another important note, I would like to announce that Travis Peterson, one of the two finalist candidates to serve as our new Primary Principal has agreed to join the NIS community and we look forward to welcoming him and his family from August! I am very grateful for the many students, staff and parents who provided feedback on both candidates - both of whom were very strong candidates. 

As the weather has turned quite cold, I hope that you and your family are able to stay healthy and warm this weekend!

- M. Parr, Head of School