Head of School Weekly Notes


A big thank you to everyone for getting today up and running! It was such a beautiful start to the day with the snow all around campus . . .although I know that actually getting to campus was easier said than done!

I am grateful to our staff who pulled together to ensure we could welcome students as they arrived. By about 9:00 am we seemed to have almost all of our students here, in class and happily learning, and the Model United Nations (MUN) event scheduled for today successfully started with only minor delays.
The pandemic has taught us the value of being a face-to-face school. Yes, we can learn online, and yes, there are many ways in which the online environment can – and should be – used to supplement and enhance a holistic 21st-century education. COVID has spurred us to learn a lot about how best to do that. But there really is nothing better than welcoming primary school children out in the playground making snowmen and snowballs, or seeing secondary MUN students engage enthusiastically with real-world issues together, in real-time, face-to-face.

Therefore, whether it be Omicron or snow, whenever possible we will try our best to be open and face-to-face (while keeping safety as the first priority, of course!). In the case of snow, if buses and trains in Aichi are able to operate normally, that is an indication that NIS, too, will be open as planned.
We thank our parents for helping to get your children to school this morning. And, for those of you who made the decision that it was not safe for your child to travel to school from your location, please know that we support your family in that decision. Safety is always a parent’s first priority and you must make the decision that is right for your family.
I do hope that you can enjoy talking to your kids about their day today (or at least their morning!) in the snow!

Have a safe and healthy weekend!

- M. Parr, Head of School