Who We Serve

NIS seeks to serve international and internationally-minded families with children who will both benefit from the programs we offer and have the opportunity to achieve the objectives of our mission.

NIS was founded as a community school and holds this legacy core to our value, striving continually to be responsive to the needs of the community through the education we offer.

The NIS community is broad – and includes expatriate families who have been relocated to Nagoya for work, long-term multi-cultural and internationally-minded families who have made Nagoya their home, and Japanese families returning to Japan from oversees.

As an inclusive school, we serve students with diverse gifts, talents and dreams, and embrace a diversity of language, culture, background and personal identity. In doing so, we make a commitment to our families that we will adequately invest in the staffing structures and curriculum frameworks necessary to support an inclusive student body and will accept only those students who can, in our professional judgment, have adequate opportunity to access an NIS education.

Our aim is that by celebrating the diversity of the Nagoya community we serve, and embracing this in our learning and in our classrooms, we will be able to support students in finding and succeeding in pathways that are right for them - both here at NIS, and beyond.