School Development Plan (SDP)

The NIS “School Development Plan”(SDP) is an action plan which represents a synthesis of the various goals and tasks that were identified in the most recent CIS and WASC self-study and final team report, the various PYP, MYP and DP authorization/validation processes and our own planning. These are the key areas of focus which, if comprehensively addressed, will ensure that we can deliver our mission.

There are seven areas of focus:  (1) Curriculum; (2) Staff;  (3) Trust & Understanding; (4) Finance & Development; (5) Facilities, Resources & Operations; (6) Risk & Safety, and (7) Governance & Leadership. Each of these contains both “Targets” and “goals”. While targets are generally intended to be met over a period of multiple years, the goals represent areas of focus which we believe can be addressed in the space of one academic year. The successful completion of the annual goals will result in our capacity to meet the targets and comprehensively address the core issues within each area of focus.

Below in the attached PDF are the targets and their respective goals (numbered) for this upcoming school year. A full plan – which includes tasks or success criteria for each goal, as well as the goals set aside for future years, is available upon request. 

2021-22 School Development Plan (PDF)