Student Well-Being

At NIS we believe in the need to uphold the individual rights of all the children we serve, as well as nurture within each child an awareness of their rights, and their responsibility to uphold these rights for themselves and for others.

As such, NIS is guided both by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and the IB Learner Profile, both of which are used to develop a learning environment in which every child has the right to be physically and emotionally safe, to have voice and agency and to develop and express their individual identity.

NIS is committed to the development of these rights within a single school community, bound by a common set of expectations and responsibilities, designed to protect and nurture each individual within our student body.

NIS is committed to upholding the principles of student well-being through all aspects of operations and it is, along with student learning, a lens through which all school policies, practices, programs and initiatives are developed and evaluated.