Our Belief about Language

Language is a medium of inquiry and central to each student's intellectual, social and emotional development. Language plays an essential role in all learning areas. Regardless of specialty, all teachers at Nagoya International School are language teachers. Language is seen as involving: learning language itself, learning about language, and learning through language, and it is the major connecting element across the curriculum.
NIS is committed to the development of an additional language for our students as we know that this aids in the development of intercultural awareness and open-mindedness. NIS also is committed to the support of additive bilingualism and working with families to nurture mother tongue languages since we also know that this is crucial to building success in wider language learning, intellectual development and the social-emotional, cultural and identity development of each student.
In a school environment where different languages are valued, we also believe in developing in students the sensitivity to make inclusive language choices which connect individuals and build community. To that end, while multiple languages will be used both in a learning and social context, at NIS the single common community language is English.