International Mindedness

International Mindedness at NIS is a concept underpinned by a set of skills, behaviors and values which enable us to embrace diverse opinions and cultures, care about local and global communities and the environment, and take action to make positive changes in the world we share.

Students at NIS come from a range of diverse backgrounds and cultures. The communities they belong to and strive to create allow opportunities to ponder their identity and sense of place in the world as they themselves shift from languages, cultures and national belonging. Within this fluid and shifting environment, students ponder their individuality, their cultural heritage and their role in participating in the global community. The ability to appreciate alternative interpretations and consider different perspectives with a critical eye is a skill that requires commitment from the entire school community.

The development of critical thinking skills goes hand-in-hand with our philosophy of global mindedness that encourages a deeper understanding of local and global issues. We believe that education for international mindedness and global citizenship is key for being a “critical thinker”, and thus far-reaching and relevant to all areas of the curriculum, in every classroom, regardless of age. It is a perspective on the world and how everyone can make a contribution. Often misunderstood as simply a “unit” on “other cultures” or a simplistic study of cultures and traditions, we believe that elements of global mindedness must be included within the curriculum as an approach to learning for all subjects and not as an add-on to certain content.

We are not there yet. The transformative power of a curriculum that encourages open-mindedness, intercultural understanding, interdependence, diversity and citizenship is an ongoing challenge for our entire school community to continually update and review.  We look forward to an ongoing dialogue with everyone in our community to better empower our students to bring about positive change.