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Interested in Joining the Cultural Celebrations & Displays Focus Group?

The NIS community continues our journey to better embrace diversity, inclusiveness and global mindedness, and we are so proud of the many nationalities, languages, cultures and religious beliefs that our families share. As our community has grown, so has our awareness of the various different ways in which our families celebrate important cultural or religious events. 

Inspired by conversations with parents, staff and students, we have been wondering how we can honor, celebrate and learn from the diversity of our community through the displays that are hosted in the entrance to the school as well as other physical symbols that represent our diversity to be found around campus. 

For example, we have always held some sort of Halloween activity, and there is always plenty of (secular) winter holiday cheer on display in December, and this year thanks to the PTA we have a display in the entrance hall to celebrate the Lunar New Year. But what we don’t yet have is a coordinated effort to visually represent all the cultures and religions of our community, so we have not been able to enjoy and learn from, for example, celebrations such as Hanukkah, Divali or Eid ul-Fitr.

The school already has a DEIJ committee and their goal is to examine issues of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice so as to enable the school to define and implement relevant changes in line with our mission at NIS and broader ethical responsibilities. This committee to date has looked at issues surrounding staffing, policies, organizational culture, and teaching styles to name just a few. The committee has been working with a DEIJ consultant from the University of Melbourne who is also doing similar work with JCIS schools. So much good work is happening within and beyond the curriculum to ensure that our learners can see representations of themselves, their values and what others value in their NIS experience.

To advance this work, and with the aim of coming together to learn from each other and share our diverse cultures, we hope to gather a group of people to consider how to celebrate and learn more about a fuller range of important religious or cultural holidays or events that are important in our community and beyond. We hope this group will consist of interested students, staff and parents who share a desire to help. 

The focus of this group will be front entrance decorations and other physical manifestations of the cultural and religious celebrations represented in our diverse community. As an international school, we want our children to respect all faiths. We all have the choice as to what faith we believe in and celebrate; it is therefore important that we work together to create a diverse representation of the celebrations that we value collectively as a community. The goal is to create a learning environment where we learn from one another and are more open-minded in the ways we honor the many faiths and cultures our families have.

If you are interested in joining this group, or in sharing your thoughts, please use the form HERE!

We look forward to sharing this group’s work as soon as possible!