Veggie Wednesdays

The NIS middle school "Roots & Shoots Club" and Cezars Kitchen are proud to announce that Wednesdays in the cafeteria will now be meat-free! Starting whenever we get back on campus, "Veggie Wednesdays" will allow us to collectively reduce our environmental footprints. This action is in response to Roots & Shoots and the wider NIS community recognizing that meat production accounts for 14-18% of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions (FAO) and that 91% of the land deforested since 1970 has become grazing land (FAO). Meat production also uses significant quantities of freshwater, results in the contamination of land and water, and of course, results in unmeasurable animal suffering. Roots & Shoots would like to thank Cezars and the school administration for adopting this initiative. Eating a little less meat will result in both us and our planet becoming healthier!

To promote this, Roots & Shoots would be very pleased if students could help by recording a short video (only a few seconds) providing a reason for having a permanent meat-free day - i.e. 'Veggie Wednesdays’. All of the short one-sentence videos will be stitched together to make a promotional video to tweet and to share with homerooms. Take a look at the other videos that have been uploaded so far here and then, just start with, "Because.....” and upload the video here! Feel free to use whatever props, whiteboards, posters etc. you like, but just a few seconds is enough! (and remember, do not include any personal names in the video).