Students Present Petition to Costco

NIS GIN (Global Issues Network) Club attended a community meeting on
Sunday at which representatives from Itochu Corporation (who will
lease the land in Shidami to Costco Wholesale Japan) were present.
Students presented a petition with 300 signatures and also letters
from Gr. 3 students requesting that the developers protect the
biodiversity at the proposed new Costco store site that is located on
Saido Nagare Wetland. Together with a local “Tsutaeru-kai” community
group, the GIN club has been working to protect the wetland area near
the school where four endangered firefly species, 27+ red listed plant
species, and the locally rare Eurasian Harvest Mouse and Horseshoe Bat
are at risk. We are proud of their efforts to make an impact in our
community and hope that COSTCO will comply with community requests
from our students and the community to protect our environment.