NISMUN V - the fifth installment of our 'in-house' Model United Nations conference was held on Thursday.

This year, the MUN club has achieved its long-term goal of becoming truly student-directed, with club members serving as 'Chair' to meetings and conferences, and delegates taking an active role in meetings and conference debates, with club supervisors playing a facilitating role. This is largely due to the contributions of our Class of 2022 and Class of 2021 club members, who have been excellent role models and mentors. Every Wednesday, meetings are full of inquiry, collaboration, and cooperation, leading us to be better thinkers, problem solvers, and more empathetic individuals. The results of this student leadership were seen this year as several of our club members received awards at external MUN conferences. 

Our current MUN club members, however, don't want to rest on their laurels. When COVID becomes a manageable part of our lives, club members have expressed a desire to grow the conference by inviting other schools to join NISMUN, build relationships with others, and collectively seek solutions that will improve our world.