On November 14th, the NIS Japan Service Dog Association club visited the JSDA facility in Nagakute. JSDA was established in 2004 and aims to help people with physical disabilities live independently with the help of service dogs. It was an amazing experience because this facility is Japan's only service dog training center. Upon arrival, Jezel, one of the service dogs, warmly welcomed us. Then we listened to a presentation to better understand what the JSDA aims to do for the future of physically disabled people. One of the most exciting parts of the whole experience was watching the demonstrations of the types of training the service dogs were able to do. These experiences allowed us to gain new knowledge about the organization and encouraged us to raise more awareness.

As a club, we aim to spread awareness about the Japan Service Dogs to a bigger audience. Our goal is to physically hold a demonstration at our school and educate younger students about JSDA and its purpose. Also, we will help with collecting donations. By raising awareness and money, we will help support these magnificent service dogs' training and give more opportunities for those in need of service dogs in their daily lives.