Meet the Workers

Meet the Workers Day was a fun interactive full day of learning that brought 36 professionals to NIS for the day to talk about what they do for ‘work.’ Thanks to Mr. Pearlz and many of his colleagues, they were able to reach out and bring many different professionals from around the globe to ‘meet’ the NIS students. They came from an array of different fields; business, politics, science, the arts and much more. There were architects and pilots, writers and real estate agents. We were even visited by a Broadway actress and NIKE costing director!

The idea behind the event was to provoke thinking around work and what it means now, as well as into the future. But the main idea behind the day was to have FUN. The one-hour sessions started at 8:30 and ran at 10:00, 11:30, and 2:00 with three bonus sessions after 3:00. Secondary students flooded the various sessions with inquisitive and thoughtful questions. The various presenters also relished their interactions with the students and teachers and asked some of their own questions!

All in all, it was a great day of learning before heading out for the Golden Week holiday. And in some ways, thanks to our current NIS Online learning situation, a day like this was possible! Thanks also to Mr. Pearlz and all the teachers that helped find all our fascinating guests and chaperoned the various sessions. But most of all, thanks to all the students that showed up to NISInquire!