HSSC Pep Rally

On Wednesday during the extended homeroom period the High School Student Council rounded out a fun semester of team-building activities with a ‘Pep Rally,’ pitting classes against each other in fund competitions such as tug-of-war, dodgeball, musical chairs, and redlight/greenlight! The lively music, fog machine, and their teachers cheering them on added to the excitement. Throughout the semester, the HSSC has been encouraging class spirit and camaraderie through a variety of activities, including such things as a scarecrow making contest (some of them were very scary!) and solving the mysterious kidnapping of Mr. Curran, to name a couple. Each activity has earned the various classes points along the way. During assembly today, they announced that 12W is in the lead! But we know they are all winners because they have spent a great semester building unity while having fun. Looks like the battle continues next semester, too!