Gr 10 Pop-Up Theater Performances

Gr 10 Drama students created four pieces about Environmental issues. Over the past week, they have been performing each piece at various locations around school - the Commons, the Barton Garden, and the space just outside the middle school classrooms - to learn how they can get an audience to come and see their play, and how a different setting can impact a performance and the experience of the audience. This week, they invited Primary students to the Drama Room and performed the same pieces for them. After the performances, the Gr 10s reflected that they preferred performing in the original spaces as the pieces were inspired by the specifics of these spaces and some of the narrative ideas came from that environment. Some, especially the Barton Garden group, felt that the very fact that they performed outdoors added meaning and a more enjoyable atmosphere, but were also happy to try out the same performances in a different space and for a younger audience. Thanks Gr 10 Thespians!