GIN Keeps NIS Safe!

Students and staff may have noticed three pairs of "hands-free" 3D printed door handles installed last month. There is one pair on the cafeteria doors and two pairs on the East building's 4th-floor bathrooms. GIN (Global Initiatives Network) partnered with a non-profit organization called "Hands-Free," located in Kuwait. Hands-Free found GIN through their Instagram account and initiated contact to see if they would be one of their ambassadors in Japan. After going back and forth with many emails and even a Zoom conference, the Hands-Free organizations mailed them 3D printed door handle models to fit these doors in strategic places. The students thought it was best to keep germs and viruses away from their hands in areas like bathrooms and food. The Hands-Free organization also sent the 3D Printer files so they can print more. For now, these prototypes are being tested to see if people find them useful. We think it is a great idea and are grateful that GIN helps keep us all safe. To learn more about the Hands-Free organization, you can find them on Instagram