A Flair for Fashion

Today, we highlight a special student who took the word "Personal" in the Personal Project to heart.  She has created her project around her passion for designing clothing. This was a love sparked by a trip her mother took her on to Macau when she was just in elementary school. There she found herself mesmerized by a televised fashion show in Dior's window. Ever since, she has been interested in fashion and design. The IB Personal Project is allowing her to explore the process in-depth and stretch her skill set because though she has always loved the art and design aspect of fashion, the production side is rather new to her. She set double goals to improve her design skills and up her sewing ability while making a suit. And it is mainly the sewing part that has been the challenge. But with every frustrating roadblock, she is having fun figuring out the solutions. The Personal Project is also helping her solidify her future dreams of studying fashion design in France or America. Grade 10 students are in the home stretch and will present their final projects in the spring.

We are looking forward to seeing the final outcome of Ms. M's suit design, and who knows...perhaps someday we'll be seeing more of her fashion pieces on the runway in the future! Until then, you can also check her out on Instagram @m_xlxpy