Gr. 4 Government Unit

Gr.4 has been working hard these last several weeks to learn about and experience what it's like to function within certain government systems. The first part of the unit was related to our sleepover (the first since 2020!) Students elected a Sleepover President, and the president was in charge of creating the schedule of events. There were petitions, there were protests, and when it came time for the sleepover, the students were READY! One student's reflection said, "I felt the relationships of my class got closer," which is exactly what we love to hear. Part two of the unit: Student Council Elections. Students banded together to create a campaign, slogan, logo, and platform to try and get elected as the new Primary Student Council members. They will come into office in Q4 as the current student council members prepare to finish their PYPX projects. After a lot of hard work, poster-making, and campaigning, the Black Dragons came out victorious in the end. Congratulations to all of our amazing 4th graders who did an incredible job as risk-takers, getting up on stage and giving their best persuasive speeches to convince their primary peers to vote for them.