Gr. 1 Movie Premiere!

It was a really exciting movie premiere for all the Gr. 1 students, parents, and teachers! On Thursday, parents were invited to watch movies created by Gr. 1 students as part of their unit on How We Express Ourselves, Gr. 1 students inquired into different ways they can express themselves through music, body language, facial expressions and vocal tone. In groups, students made their own movies using their knowledge of sequencing from personal narrative writing and created storyboards to tell a story. They included a sad, spooky and sad part in their story to match their sad, spooky and sad soundtrack they composed in music. Students also used their skills they developed over the unit to tell their stories using body language and vocal expression. They recorded our clips and even learned how to edit on iMovie! Special thanks to parents who volunteered to make this premiere day so memorable and special, for all your help with the decorations, photo booth, pop corn stand, red carpet and "Walk of Fame"!