ELC Invites Tie-dye Artist

The ELC had a very special guest on Monday. Mr. Carbin, a tie-dye artist (and Ms. Marimo’s husband) visited the ELC to share some of his work and talked about the process of tie-dying. Students were really excited to see the colorful pieces in his work and interested in learning about how the patterns in all different colors and shapes were made. As he explained the relationship between the patterns in the fabric, he reminded us that the connections made are like a community. One dot or one piece is one person, and the entire set makes a whole, like the ELC, made of different, beautiful and unique individuals. Mr. Carbin's presentation will support the children to find inspiration as they create artifacts and works of art from different materials to communicate their ideas. These will be presented to the community in the Winter Showcase, and we look forward to seeing some tie-dye pieces.