NIS Badminton 2023

"Never underestimate the heart of a champion." the phrase exclaimed by Rudy Tomjanovich immediately after his team overcame incredible odds to win an unlikely championship summarizes the 2023 NIS Badminton Team, "Heart of a Champion!"

For most members, this was their first experience in competitive sports, and only a few members knew what would be in store for them as they began the season at the end of January. Over the next two months, the students committed themselves to the team, which is not always easy. They choose to persevere through exams, college applications and interview prep, injuries, mental and physical fatigue, and more.

The apex of this journey came this past weekend at Yokohama Internation school, where they spent 19 of 30 grueling hours full of blood, sweat, injury, exhaustion, and tears competing against tenacious competition. Ultimately, they emerged "bloody, but unbowed."(Henly, 1875).

We proudly announce that the NIS Team finished the Final Team Standings in 3rd place and received individual metals for 3rd place in the Boys' Singles Bracket, winners in the Girls' Doubles Consolation Bracket, and Champions of the  Boys' Doubles Bracket.

The 2023 NIS Badminton Team members represent all the attributes NIS aims to instill in students; growth, challenge, integrity, initiative, collaboration, and inclusion. The coaches would like to thank them all for making this season unforgettable.