Thanks for Ukraine Support

The various initiatives from NIS that held fundraisers for Ukraine would like to formally thank all of you who contributed to the Ukraine Support Campaign. We held a craft sale, bake sale, T-shirt sale, and donation campaign. And through these, we proudly announce that we have raised over 500,000 yen in total, thanks to all your support!  Half of the proceeds will go to the Ukraine Embassy in Tokyo where it will be used for humanitarian aid and reconstruction projects. The other 50% will be going to a program supported by JCIS (Japan Council of International Schools) which will help international schools around Europe that support teachers and students evacuated from Ukraine. You can see it in action HERE. With this campaign and the events created, we hope we can have an impact on the Ukrainian citizens in a positive manner. We also hope we could spread awareness to our own community about the issues they face. We feel grateful for the NIS community for coming together to help!