NIS and PLAN International

One long-standing club activity at NIS strives to make school a better place for NIS students AND children, especially girls, in developing nations. NIS students have been working hard to generate funds to donate to PLAN International. This organization is dedicated to making safe, healthy, and productive environments for millions of children around the world. The NIS club has been supporting education projects in Laos, in particular. Of course, to do this, PLAN relies on donations. The PLAN club at NIS found a creative way to generate donations for the cause. By offering tutoring sessions after school, not only do they raise money (500yen / 30-minute tutoring session), but they also help their fellow schoolmates succeed in their own studies. Tutoring sessions happen after school every day except for Wednesday. The students receiving help are mostly primary students and they are currently tutoring students in a variety of subjects including Math, English, Science, Japanese, Chinese, French, and Music. It is certainly a win-win situation for these bright young students here at NIS and in the countries where PLAN works. To make it even more successful, the club leaders would like to invite more tutors AND tutees to join in to have an even more significant impact and can more easily match students' needs with tutors who can help. If you are interested, please check the Sunday Newsletter for a link to get tutoring help for your younger students and help the PLAN club meet their goals!