There are many ways to experience joy. As someone who appreciates the artist and their interpretation of the world, a sense of joy can be found in viewing art. As the artist, the act of creating can elicit joy. Joy is by far the word that best describes the PYP virtual art show depicting many interpretations of Sakura curated by Ms. Feil. It was the first time that Grades 1-5 collaborated on the same project and the wide variety of styles, perspectives, and thought processes can be seen in this virtual gallery created on Padlet. Make sure to read some of the comments to get insight on how each artist approached the task. However, as impressed and inspired to share as you may be, please do NOT share this with anyone outside of the NIS community, as some contents might contain some personal information. Thanks to Ms. Feil and Grade 1-5 artists for helping us to enjoy Sakura for a while longer!