Home Language Club

Home Language Club (HLC) is a student-led language club that gives participants a chance to value and nurture their Mother tongue. Every week, secondary students who excel in their Mother tongues organize various activities with elementary students to support and develop their Mother Tongues. Beneficial to both primary and secondary students, participants will celebrate “who they are” and language skills learned will contribute positively to the richness of the NIS community. Activities will include educational games through literacy development, reading, and discussing stories about their countries and cultures using their Mother tongue. All language speakers from the groups listed here are welcome to join after school from 3:35-4:30: Japanese, Portuguese and Korean on Mondays; Chinese, French, and Spanish on Fridays. Sign-up for 2nd Quarter using the Google Form that will be emailed home on Monday October 5th at 16:00 and sign-ups close on Thursday October 9th at 9:00am.