Gr 5 & Gr 10 Celebrations

Even though Gr. 12 celebrated their graduation from NIS on Saturday, May 23, many smaller graduations happened around the school this week. Gr. 5 students celebrated their transition from Primary to Middle School and ‘graduating’ from the PYP. They looked back at all they accomplished in the year through a video montage of great moments and were given awards based on their learner characteristics. Their PYP exhibition was a major highlight for the year and they were able to reflect on all the hard work they put into it. After speeches and awards, the students thanked their parents and teachers. Look out Gr. comes your newest batch of MYP students!

Similarly Gr. 10 students bade farewell to the MYP program on their way up to the last stage of their educational journey, the IBDP, and High School. They reflected on their Personal Projects, as well, and listened to speeches from their teachers giving them the encouragement they need to move forward to their next big challenge. And then they celebrated (with cupcakes!) knowing that what they accomplished was worth their efforts and what lies ahead will be just another great adventure!