Earth Day at NIS

Staff and students at NIS recognized International Mother Earth Day this year by putting on our masks and gloves, and getting out our tongs to collect trash around the NIS campus and local streets. While we're quite proud of the work we got done around Naka-Shidami, it is disappointing that in the space of an hour we managed to fill the school truck with yellow bags. Most of the trash could be traced to convenience stores and vending machines. Keeping in mind that everyday is Earth Day, let's do the 5R's, Refuse > Reduce > Reuse > Recycle > Rot, a whole lot better! 
Earth Day also saw the launch of Veggie Wednesdays at NIS Cezar's. Archie prepared some very tasty grilled vegetable and pesto rolls that disappeared very quickly! Reducing our intake of meat is surefire way to reduce our footprint. And thumbs up to all of the NISers who sent in photos of their Earth Day activities. Many small steps by many people will get us closer to the safe and healthy future that we are all hoping for.