Contemplative Space

At the end of another challenging year, navigating safety and health while striving to provide normal-ness in a school setting, we are left reflecting on what was lost, what was achieved, and the joys and sorrows contained within. Ms. Pearlz, school counselor, recognized that the students and staff might need a place to put all these conflicting circumstances into context along with the accompanying feelings. With the help of staff and volunteer students, she created a contemplative space for people to write on the walls of the Kawanabe room. With photos of graduates and departing teachers and staff, along with some writing prompts, the students can write what they feel about anything that last year brought up and their hopes, dreams, and even worries for what the future holds for them and their friends. It is a powerful, peaceful, and hopeful space to spend time, and we encourage many to take the time and enjoy this space for the next couple of weeks. Follow the Instagram account to view more photos.