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Community Raffle Starts!!
The NIS PTA Community Raffle has officially started and some stubs are starting to trickle in! As with most years, we get a slow start but we are hoping to build momentum earlier and have offered some incentives to the kids - small prizes such as ice cream certificates that will be drawn at lunch and class prizes like a NEW library for their classroom and a bowling party (Primary) or class party at Shooters (Secondary) for the classes that sell the most tickets. And we would REALLY like your support! In case you didn’t know, the Raffle proceeds will go directly to the 2020 Vision Project to fund a new sports field. The time has come and we would like to open the school next year with a new building AND a new field for all of our students to play and compete on. We can do this as a ’team,’ with everyone ‘pitching' in to reach our ‘goal!’ - (all sports puns intended!) Please help us by buying or selling your tickets and if you need more, contact the Development Office! THANK YOU for your support!! Go here for more information.