Celebrating Women in Science

As a part of celebrating International Women’s Day, NIS also spent time this week celebrating Women in Science! Some amazing young women from Gr. 12 and 7 went to the Gr. 5 and ELC respectively to inspire the younger students in Science. The Gr. 12s went into the Gr. 5 to share their Gr. 12 Extended Essay projects which were based on science to help the Gr 5s as they are starting their own Exhibition Project journeys. The Gr. 7s also joined the ELC to teach them about forces and motion through balloon rockets. A parent scientist came in for guest lectures to the HS science classes about Biophysics, COVID and the power of computer simulations - and also about the very modest improvement in gender diversity in science over the past 20 years. Women in Science was also one of the themes of the week in classes and the week-ending assembly. We are extremely grateful to Lockheed Martin for supporting these activities and our celebration of Women in Science! Thank you ALL for your support of Women in Science!