NIS Notices and Announcements

Coming Up

Primary Learning Pods Info Session (Repeat) (May 13)

Primary parents are invited to an online information session (repeat sessions) on the Learning Pod structure for next school. This final repeat session will be this week on Thursday evening from 5-6 pm. The Google Meet link is


MYP Project Week (Apr 26-29)

For the entire week, the Secondary School will take their learning outside of the classroom and into the school and community during MYP Project Week. The students have divided into 22 different groups from Gr. 6-11 and will spend their time working on a project they devised and planned. The projects have a broad range, with some students going off-campus for conservation projects and others staying close and working on projects that benefit the school and student body. Please make sure to ask your students about what they are working on and their progress each day! Better year, also follow it on Twitter at #MYPproject2021

Gr 11 College & Careers Week (Apr 26-28)

Gr. 11 will spend three days having the opportunity to join presentations of people in various professional fields to discuss their education and career paths on Monday through Wednesday. The students have many sessions to choose from, and during the presentations, they will have the opportunity to pose a lot of questions. We hope these sessions can help the Gr. 11 students as they start to consider their futures beyond NIS.

Primary Learning Pods Info Session (Repeat) (Apr 28)

Primary parents are invited to one of two additional online information sessions (repeat sessions) on the Learning Pod structure for next school. The first repeat session will be this week on Wednesday (11:30-12:30). The next session will be Thursday, May 13 from 5-6 pm. The Google Meet link is


No Classes Friday (Apr 30)

There are no classes this Friday as teachers will spend the day reviewing and updating our curriculum and prepare for the new school year. In addition, time will be taken to practice Health & Safety procedures. We thank you for this day of important collaboration!


Parent Partner Notices

Join the PTA AGM on May 19!

We are pleased to announce that the PTA will hold the Annual General Meeting (AGM) online next week.

  • Wednesday, May 19, 9-11 am 
  • Google Meet link: 
  • Kindly sign up HERE to attend the meeting

This is an important meeting and ALL parents are welcome regardless of whether or not you are currently active in the PTA. You will be able to discover more about the NIS PTA and how you can be involved as a parent to support the school, help with events and fundraising, and help move NIS forward. Everyone is welcome!

PTA Board Nominations Still Needed!

Dear Parents! We can’t believe that the end of the year is just around the corner. Thank you for your support and understanding of PTA activities and donations this year. We are looking for NIS PTA Volunteers for next coming year. If you've thought about volunteering the time is now!  

1) PTA BOARD member (Planning meeting per month, usually a Wed morning, plus helping with activities throughout the year)
・President (1) We are waiting someone who can show your leadership!
・Co-vice president (2) We are waiting someone who likes to support others!
・Co-treasurer (2) We are waiting someone who is good at money management!
・Co-secretary (2) We are waiting someone who is good at computer skills!

2) PTA EVENT COORDINATOR (Planning and organizing some events throughout the year: Teacher & Staff appreciation day, PTA Cultural Club, Spirit Wear, etc) 
・Event coordinator (4) We are waiting someone who likes FUN things!

Please fill out the Google form HERE, if you are interested in any position or any volunteer interest. Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated. Nothing can be done without parental involvement. Thank you for all you do! 



・President (1) リーダーシップのある方、お待ちしています!
・Co-vice president (2) 人をサポートするのが好きな方、お待ちしています!
・Co-treasurer (2) マネー管理が得意な方、お待ちしています!
・Co-secretary (2) パソコンスキルがある方、お待ちしています!

(Teacher & Staff appreciation day, Parent Cultural Club, Spirit Wearなど)
・Event coordinator (4) 楽しいことが好きな方、お待ちしています!




PCC Event Report

The PTA had a session with Mr. Mayer on book recommendations for middle school students and their parents. The topics discussed included things like 14 ways reading improves your brain, an introduction to the NIS library, online resources for books and handy functions on the web and apps for reading, and of course he recommended many great books! He kindly shared the contents of the session through his slide presentation that can be accessed HERE. Mr. Mayer also shared this URL and other book recommendations found at The OPAC, HERE. 

Thank you very much, Mr. Mayer!


Gr 12 IBDP Exams & Exam Bubble Continue

NIS Gr. 12 students are continuing with their IBDP final examinations this week.To ensure testing can continue even if there is a COVID school closure, the school is continuing to close a portion of the East Building to limit exposure to the Gr. 12 students and the school community.

Students are being asked to refrain from going out to high risk places (such as crowded restaurants) throughout the examination period and must not mix with other NIS students outside the DP bubble. Additionally during this time, Gr 12 students must not catch the regular NIS school bus.

Good luck Gr. 12 students!

Support the Walkathon!

The ACCJ/NIS Chubu Walkathon celebrates 30 years of giving back to the community on May 23rd. NIS has been a proud partner with the American Chamber of Commerce since the very beginning. One tradition is the Walkathon T-shirt and this year’s  was designed by NIS siblings in Gr. 3 & Gr. 5. The T-shirts now available to purchase but only until May 17! Let’s support them, the school, and Walkathon! For details on how to get yours and more about the event and the charities we support go HERE

Gr 12 IBDP Exams Start!

We wish the best of luck to the Gr. 12 students who are starting their IBDP final examinations this week.To ensure testing can continue even if there is a COVID school closure, the school is closing off a portion of the East Building and limiting exposure to the Gr. 12 students and the school community.

To ensure that the Gr. 12 students are able to take their examinations on campus, even if the school needed to close due to a COVID-19 incident, we have developed to plan to create a separate bubble within the school community for Gr 12 students who are taking DP examinations and exam invigilators.

Students are being asked to refrain from going out to high risk places (such as crowded restaurants) throughout the examination period and must not mix with other NIS students outside the DP bubble. Additionally during this time, Gr 12 students must not catch the regular NIS school bus.

Further detailed information has been sent to the Gr. 12 students, but we wanted to let the NIS community know about these provisions that have been made in order to help ensure our students will be able to take their examinations! Good luck Gr. 12 students!!

Online Suggestion Box

Any thoughts or ideas to share with the school? We are listening!

A virtual suggestion box has been created for all parents who wish to share feedback, suggestions, ideas and concerns. If you request assistance and/or need a reply from us, you will need to add your name and email address. Of course we would prefer to have a way of contacting you, but we understand if you wish to remain anonymous. In which case, you may leave the contact information blank.

Please feel free to submit your thoughts anytime from HERE.  Thank you to everyone in our community for your support of the school.

NIS Student-Parent Handbook (Reminder!)

As announced in Friday's newsletter, the NIS Student-Parent Handbook, which will replace Haiku Home, is now active within the NIS Parent Portal! If you login to the NIS Parent Portal, simply click the "NIS Parent-Student Handbook" link on the upper left menu! Although there are a still a few pages that are under construction, for the most part, you can find most of the information you could ever possibly need about how things work at NIS all in this one place! (Please also note that NIS Haiku Home will be shut down in June).  (You will need your Parent Portal login information). If you have any questions, please contact

Online Safety Webinars for Parents (Free)

Are you worried about screen-time of your children? Have you ever talked to them about online safety? Barnardos, an independent children’s charity, is offering free webinars for parents about online safety for children. 45-minute-long webinars will be held in March, April and May, and any interested parent/s can join for free. Details can be seen on the FLYER and registration can be made HERE.

Please Support the School!

In order to continue providing options for the community, NIS relies on monetary contributions each year to support our annual budget, and making a contribution to the school’s Annual Giving Fund has an immediate impact. The Annual Giving Fund helps ensure the school community can continue to provide the best education possible. Thank you for your consideration!

Learn more HERE.

Hackathon (Apr 26-29)

Two NIS Gr. 11 students will host a Hackathon from April 26-29 as a CAS project. What is a Hackathon you ask!? A Hackathon is a sprint-like event for a group of programmers to work together on a collaborative project in a short period of time. Companies such as Facebook and Google host annual Hackathons to promote creative thinking and innovation and these events often lead to surprising, novel concepts and prototypes. However, these two students have felt based on previous experiences that a typical hackathon is inaccessible for many beginners. In their hackathon, they hope to be inclusive to participants of all levels and promote the field of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) by hosting workshops and inviting guest speakers. Check out their website for further information: . Currently, they have confirmed interest from international school students in India, China, Taiwan, Japan, and Australia. Now, they are also looking for sponsors! If you or your company wishes to help support their project by offering prizes or being a sponsor, go here -

NIS Social Media Policy

NIS embraces a vibrant and interactive learning environment which encourages students to become digitally literate, using technology to create, share and celebrate their learning stories. Similarly, staff – and parents – are encouraged to model the skills of digital citizenship. Please go HERE for NIS Social Media Policy.