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A Scene from Macbeth at Gr. 6 and 7 Arts Night

The Gr. 6 & 7 Arts Night was an excellent opportunity to welcome parents to the school to enjoy entertainment put on by their students, including some modern takes on shadow play versions of classic fairy tales, melodic music performances, and Macbeth, in Shakesperean tongue, but with NIS style! And as a part of their CAS project, a couple of students volunteered to broadcast it all live via the NIS Facebook page (look for other arts nights next month where they will do the same!). Great job to the students who performed and gave it their all on the big stage!

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TED-Ed presentation by a student

"What would you say if the world was listening?" This is what TED-Ed Student Talks are all about. Since September 2021, students in the TED-Ed Club have...

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Gr. 6 Public Art Exhibition

Grade 6 have been creating colorful public art pieces for an exhibition. Each piece has been designed to connect with people in a certain region of the world in some way. The exhibition has been beautifully curated in the East Building lobby creating a museum-like atmosphere and catching the attention of everyone who passes through. You can visit and enjoy the exhibit, too! Just join the virtual tour here!

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A student explaining her artworks at IB Mini Art Exhibition

Gr. 11 Visual Art students held a mini-exhibition in the 'Yonkai' Gallery (4th floor of the East Building) to show the artworks they created so far in the IB course and talk about the process behind the work. Even though they are only halfway through their coursework, this exhibition gives them an excellent opportunity to practice talking about their work and helping them to craft their direction before their final Visual Arts Exhibition next year. Great work, Artists!

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Boys and girls folding t-shirts in a classroom

A BIG thank you to all the staff, students, and families who purchased a T-shirt for the Walkathon! Your participation will help improve many people's lives in the Chubu area through the local charities Walkathon supports. And special thanks to the Gr 9 Homeroom and their teachers who made sure the shirts were packaged and shipped out in time for everyone to receive their shirt by Walkathon Day on May 23! You can find out more about Walkathon and how you can participate at the website HERE (

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Gr. 2 Biomes

In their UOI "Sharing the Planet", Gr. 2 students inquired into biomes and how living things depend on each other. They learned about five major biomes(Desert, Tundra, Glassland, Rainforest and Aquatic) and their features, and analyzed and compared different biomes. They also learned about food chains and found that it is important for biomes to be balanced. Watch the videos to see the models of their own balanced biomes they created. 

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Gr. 5 PYP Exhibition

Gr. 5 students have been working hard on their PYP Exhibitions! Everyone has explored their interests, issues, and how they want to take action. Now it is time to put it all together and show off the process, their learning, and hopefully inspire and impact others! We are looking forward to April 14th, when students will present and share their art and research with visitors!

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Students standing on the balcony and talking about Model United Nations

The Online THIMUN turned out to be the perfect opportunity to recruit future NIS delegates. Some of the Gr. 12 students, both past and current NIS delegates, organized a special tour for Gr.7 and 8 to the Kawanabe Room where the Online MUN was taking place. We look forward to seeing the middle school students joining in MUN and passing their resolutions!

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